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Where to splurge and where to save on your new custom home or remodel

We always say – everyone has a budget. Whether your budget is $500,000.00 or $5,000,000.00. You have to be smart as to where you put those dollars when building a custom home or remodel. It ends up being a financial balancing act of where to splurge and where to save. This process can, at times, become overwhelming and confusing. This is why many people like to consult with their remodeller to decide on this. Palo Alto home remodeling contractors Hammerschmidt Construction have a design – build process for better outcomes, which can help you isolate where to save and where to splurge. It is extremely important that you have trust in your builder to steer you in the right direction when it comes to making these important decisions.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: Spend on systems that are built to last and save on the features that can be easily replaced. Here are some examples: dollar sign

A good “splurge” would be on windows. Opt for energy efficient, upgraded windows that will end up saving you money on your electricity bill for years to come.

A good “save” option would be to opt for chrome plumbing fixtures in lieu of polished nickel. It will give you a similar look without breaking the bank. And these fixtures could be easily replaced in the years to come.

Another good “splurge” would be radiant heating underneath your floors. This system saves energy and improves quality of life. You could pair this with implementing an energy monitoring system to help keep an eye on the general energy usage in the house and help pair down costs down the line. Plenty of these exist, with Emporia Energy as one example, and they all offer homeowners the chance to get their energy use back under control, especially when it comes to radiant heating. Speaking of, aside from the benefits, a system like this would be a nightmare to install later and end up costing you more.

Another good “save” option would be by using a remnant for countertops. These are left over pieces of granite or quartz, that usually work great in places such as a powder room, wet bar, etc.

Huge Savings Tip: Take advantage of builder’s pricing on appliances. Most appliance manufacturers have discount programs in place for home builders. Make sure those discounts are being passed along to you. Also make sure you hire a reputable and professional home building company for example Saussy Burbank as well as many more.

The bottom line? Set priorities and budget for them. While certain areas (structural integrity, safety, insulation) are places where no one should scrimp, pretty much everything else is up for interpretation. So take your time, set your top priorities for your project and stick with decisions that make sense for you – both now and in the long term.

Posted in Blog on August 27th, 2014

The latest in Luxury Home Trends

Elegant but comfortable, maintenance free, and entertaining are common buzzwords we are hearing from homebuilders around the country as the latest in Custom Home Trends…and we couldn’t agree more.


Home offices are now becoming smaller, more like nooks according to the National Home Builders Association.

Certified Green Professional Logo

Green living has become mainstream and is a trend that is here to stay. Using sustainable materials, reducing energy, improving indoor air quality, reducing water consumption, and ultimately saving money over time.

MAster bath edited

Of course, luxury never goes out of style. First floor master bedroom suites with resort style bathrooms that include saunas and fully enhanced media rooms designed for multimedia entertainment are extremely popular. Home Elevators are becoming standard for multi-level homes, especially in multi-generational homes. A huge growing trend is separate living spaces for in-laws, complete with kitchens, bedrooms and separate living spaces.

Luxury homes tend to contain items like precious watches, jewelry as well as documents, cash and other valuables. An impressive solution for secure storage in the home is a Stockinger safe that not only looks the part but also can protect against theft and even fire damage.


People are spending more time outdoors entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. More and more landscapers like this Las Vegas landscaper and other service providers are creating and installing different outdoor living spaces with patios, decks, verandas and now even including outdoor kitchens for cooking and dining. With many more people spending time outside, taking a look at things like home security cameras wireless outdoor may turn out to be a good idea with the apparent rising importance of home surveillance Custom Home Builders are including high end appliances, fireplaces, fire pits as well as audio systems.


Regardless of the size of the home, a stylish kitchen is a must. The kitchen is invariably the gathering place and is utilized not only for cooking and eating, but for everything from school work to entertaining. Upscale appliances, an abundance of natural lighting are not just trends, but staples in a luxury designed kitchen.

Posted in Blog on August 18th, 2014

Winner “Best of Houzz Award 2014”

Remodeling and Home Design

Cesario Builders of the Chicagoland Area Receives

Best Of Houzz 2014 Award

Annual Survey and Analysis of 16 Million Monthly Users

Reveals Top-Rated Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals

Chicago, IL, February 4, 2014 – Cesario Builders of Oakbrook Terrace, IL. has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The Premier Chicago-land Suburbs Design-Build Firm was chosen by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design. Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2013. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 16 million monthly users on Houzz, known as “Houzzers,” who saved more than 230 million professional images of home interiors and exteriors to their personal ideabooks via the Houzz site, iPad/iPhoneapp and Androidapp. Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2014” badge on their profiles, showing the Houzz community their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.
“Houzz provides homeowners with the most comprehensive view of home building, remodeling and design professionals, empowering them to find and hire the right professional to execute their vision,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of community for Houzz. “We’re delighted to recognize Cesario Builders among our “Best Of” professionals for customer satisfaction as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”

With Houzz, homeowners can identify not only the top-rated professionals like Cesario Builders but also those whose work matches their own aspirations for their home. Homeowners can also evaluate professionals by contacting them directly on the Houzz platform, asking questions about their work and reviewing their responses to questions from others in the Houzz community.

Follow Cesario Builders on Houzz http://www.houzz.com/pro/cesariobuilders/cesario-builders

About Houzz

Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From offering advice on where to find gutter shutter installation winston-salem nc to building a custom home, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. If you’re renovating your home, don’t forget to invest in the right cleaning devices such as Bissell vacuums for a superior clean. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality. But depending on your location you may want to look at Rodrock Homes Custom Design Experience in the Kansas area, where homes are built by families, for families. For more information on Houzz, visit www.houzz.com.

If this is a company you’re looking to take advantage of, or use for your home improvements then get in contact today. If work needs to be done to your home but is a bit over budget, then why not look into home improvement loans as the next option. Not only will this allow you to carry out the necessary renovations, but to also create the home of your dreams at a rate you won;t even have to worry about. So with this in mind, For more information on Houzz, visit www.houzz.com.

Posted in Blog on February 4th, 2014

Ditch the shovel and salt this winter with heated snow melting systems

Snowy winters can be back-breaking work for homeowners, especially when you have to shovel and salt your driveway, patio, walkway, and stairs what feels like constantly. Designed to be installed directly in concrete, asphalt, or in mortar underneath pavers, a snow melting system will ensure that your heated driveway, patio, walkway or stairs will stay both ice and snow-free. Imagine relaxing by the fireplace in the comfort of your home on a snowy winter day. With snow melting systems, you can do just that. No more driveways to shovel or plow. The paving material absorbs heat from the snow melting heating elements, melting the ice and snow while you relax.

  • Installs in asphalt, concrete, or under pavers in mortar
  • Perfect for driveways, patios, walkways and stairs
  • Snow melting controls offers quick response to cold and wet weather conditions such as snow and ice with fast responsive technology
  • An affordable technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Increases the resale value of your home

For more information, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation! snowmelt



Posted in Blog on January 22nd, 2014

Frigid Temps = Frozen Pipes! Here Are Some Tips!


With these frigid temperatures, comes extra maintenance for our homes which can be a headache. Inside every home, there will be a series of pipes that are vulnerable to freezing throughout the lower temperatures. If a pipe freezes, it’s important to get someone out to try and fix the problem before the pipe eventually bursts. If that occurs, there should be repiping specialists that can replace any burst pipes, allowing your home to continue using the water. Before you need your pipes replacing or repairing, there are steps that can be taken to try and reduce the chances of your pipes freezing. Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid having any piping issues on your hands.

(from the American Red Cross)

Why Frozen Pipes Are a Problem

Water expands as it freezes.
This expansion puts extreme pressure on whatever is containing it, including metal or plastic pipes. Pipes that freeze most frequently are those that are exposed to severe cold, like outdoor water faucets, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, and water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements and crawl spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets. If your pipe does freeze, you may have to get someone like sagewater.com to come out and replace it for you.
Also, pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation are also subject to freezing. A 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can leak up to 250 gallons of water a day, causing flooding, serious structural damage, and the immediate potential for mold.
In the US, frozen pipes cause significant damage every year, but they often can be prevented. Taking a few simple steps, even now, may save you the aggravation and expense.


There are three common causes of frozen pipes:

  1. Quick drops in temperature
  2. Poor insulation, and
  3. Thermostats set too low.

There are a number of preventative steps you can take to keep your pipes from freezing:

  • Check the insulation of pipes in your home’s crawl spaces and attic. Exposed pipes are most susceptible to freezing.
  • Heat tape or thermostatically controlled heat cables can be used to wrap pipes. Be sure to use products approved by an independent testing organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories Inc., and only for the use intended (exterior or interior). Closely follow all manufacturers’ installation and operation instructions.
  • Seal leaks that allow cold air inside near where pipes are located. Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents, and pipes, and use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out. With severe cold, even a tiny opening can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze.
  • Use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets. This reduces the chance of freezing in the short span of pipe just inside the house.
  • A trickle of hot and cold water might be all it takes to keep your pipes from freezing. Let warm water drip overnight, preferably from a faucet on an outside wall.
  • Keep your thermostat set at the same temperature during both day and night. You might be in the habit of turning down the heat when you’re asleep, but further drops in the temperature – more common overnight – could catch you off guard and freeze your pipes.
  • Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to un-insulated pipes under sinks and appliances near exterior walls.

If Your Pipes Do Freeze…

Don’t panic. Just because they’re frozen doesn’t mean they’ve already burst. Here’s what you can do:

  • If you turn on your faucets and nothing comes out, leave the faucets turned on and call a plumber (like Paul The Plumber – paultheplumbernh.com/nashua-plumbing-heating-cooling/). They will advise you what else to do when you call, as well as coming out to fix it.
  • If your house or basement is flooding, turn off the water valve and immediately call 911. Once the danger is sorted you can get someone like ServiceMaster of Lake Shore to repair any water damage.
  • Do not touch or use electrical appliances in areas of standing water due to electrocution concerns.
  • Never try to thaw a pipe with a torch or other open flame because it could cause a fire hazard. Every year, many building fires are caused by people trying to thaw frozen pipes. All open flames in homes present a serious fire danger, as well as a severe risk of exposure to lethal carbon monoxide.
  • You may be able to thaw a frozen pipe with the warm air from a hair dryer. Start by warming the pipe as close to the faucet as possible, working toward the coldest section of pipe.
  • Again, if your water pipes have already burst, turn off the water at the main shutoff valve in the house; leave the water faucets turned on and call 911. Make sure everyone in your family knows where the water shutoff valve is and how to open and close it. Likely places for the water turn-off valve include internal pipes running against exterior walls or where water service enters a home through the foundation.
  • If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat set to a temperature no lower than 55ºF.

Posted in Blog on January 7th, 2014

Remodeling to cure the Winter Blues!

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, even the happiest people face the prospect of the winter blues. By mid-winter, many of us experience mild depression, low energy and lack of motivation.

This year, consider tackling a couple of home remodeling projects. Not only will you distract yourself from the cold reality of winter, you’ll often add value to your home which is reason enough to be happy! You can get Home Remodeling In Fairfax VA from a company like Total Estate Service or you can look in your local area for a remodeling company if they aren’t near.


1. Warm it up. Just because it is winter, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. Radiant heat flooring is a perfect way to combat those cold tile or stone floors and enjoy the coziness!

2. Spruce up your kitchen. The kitchen is the center of the house, and your family probably spends a lot of time there in the winter. Even if it is just something as simple as getting in touch with a hardwood flooring contractor to discuss your options to switch up your kitchen floor or you want to give the walls a new coat of paint, these small changes can make such a difference to the overall look. Make your kitchen more welcoming by redesigning your kitchen with new cabinets. Take it a step further with new quartz countertops which is all the rage right now!

3. Add color. Trade-in your white walls for a splash of color! This year’s trendy new colors are in the hues of blues, greens, purples, and even pink!

4. Let the light in. Nothing battles the winter blues like natural light. Install something like a dome skylight in dark, closed-in rooms. Having a skylight dome replacement will prepare you for those more aggressive winter winds as well, so keep that in mind if you are looking to install a dome skylight. Dim hallways and bathrooms lacking windows are good prospects for added natural light. Today’s efficient skylights resist leaks and prevent heat loss, and added UV protection prevents carpet from fading.

5. Improve the view. Even summer sun-lovers can enjoy a winter landscape from inside a warm, cozy house. Replace a small window with a larger bay window, and welcome the winter sun. Invest in an indoor fountain, which will provide the soothing sound of flowing water while adding natural moisture to the dry winter air.

Remember, a dash of color and light will go a long way toward perking up your home and your mood, banishing those winter blues along the way and Cesario Builders can help with all of your remodeling needs!

Posted in Blog on January 3rd, 2014

Exquisite New Home Development in Lisle

Red Oak Estates poster The best of both worlds…. is Red Oak Estates in Lisle, IL. conveniently located off Leask Lane close to shopping and entertainment at Danada Square, easy access to I-88, and within the Wheaton School District with the privacy you desire for your family in a beautifully wooded area. Three lots are available to build your custom home with Cesario Homes. For more information, call for a consultation at (630)261-9180.

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Cesario Builders Teams Up With the “Toys For Tots” Foundation this Holiday Season!

Toys for Tots





Please Help Us Spread Joy This Holiday Season to Children Less Fortunate…..

Cesario Builders will be collecting NEW toys and books throughout next week to support the “Toys for Tots” Foundation. Our collection deadline is Friday, December 13th. Please call Cesario Builders to schedule a toy pick up or drop off to our office before Friday, December 13th. If you have any questions, please contact Noelle Cesario. We thank you for your support and wish you a very happy holiday season!

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How to winterize your home


Are you ready for cold weather?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s cold enough to turn the heat on in Chicago this year. I can guarantee the Windy City’s weather is going to get worse before it gets better. Make sure your house or condo is prepared for winter by keeping cold weather out and warm air inside with these simple home weatherizing steps.

Inside your home

Clean, inspect, and service your heating units. Sweep away debris around the units, visually inspect for damage, and replace filters. Most HVAC Service companies like www.rapidrepairexperts.com would recommend a yearly service, in addition to regular self-maintenance, to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. Once the really low temperatures and snow hits, it’s usually too late to get a timely service call, so CALL NOW to schedule your visit.

Take window AC units out, clean them and store them for the winter. Drain AC water lines of central cooling units and turn off the cooling system. If a separate system than heating, consider making an appointment NOW for early spring HVAC maintenance. You can always call up companies like CJS Heating and Air to get the help you need with your heating and cooling system.

Repair or replace any broken glass or seals in windows. Recaulk all trim areas where caulk has peeled or cracked. Replace or install weatherstripping to areas where cold air is able to enter your home.

Insulate any pipes that are exposed to potentially freezing temperatures.

If you have a fireplace, clean the chimney, check that the damper works properly, and consider installing a chimney cover to keep out rodents and nests. If you’re looking to convert to gas heat, you might want to check out something like Air Now to help you stay warm this Winter.

Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed.

Prepare an emergency kit for winter power outages with a flashlight, candles & matches, utility company contact information, blankets, and bottled water.

Outside your home

Clear all gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris. Make sure downspouts lead water away from your home. If water is pooling near the foundation, install spout extensions to lead water away from the structure.

Replace or fix any missing flashing or loose shingles on the roof.

Remove dead plants, branches, leaves and debris from the perimeter of your home in order to keep animals and pests from nesting in or around your home and so you can inspect the condition of your exterior. If you do have any pests intruding in your home, it may be worth considering using a termite control Los Angeles firm, or one similar, to solve your problem before you carry on getting your home ready for winter.

Seal any cracks or holes in the foundation, steps, or outside walls.

Check outdoor faucets for leaks and drips and repair if needed. Turn off outdoor spickets for the winter. Drain garden hoses and store them under cover.

Make sure your snowblower is accessible and tuned up. Make sure shovels and ice picks are in working order and stock up on salt or ice melt in order to prepare for unexpected ice and snow.

By being prepared before winter hits, you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season by spending more time with your loved ones and less time worrying about home maintenance. Cheers to the new holiday season ahead!

Posted in Blog on November 5th, 2013

Cesario Builders heads to city to help support children in need

Cesario Builders attended the 3rd annual Cocktails for Kenya supporting Yellowhouse Children’s Serivces. Yellow House is a community based multi-disciplinary child development service organization that provides education, therapeutic services and outreach to children with disabilities, and their carers, with the fundamental belief that communication is a basic human right that should be accessible and achievable by all. We had such a great time helping raise money and awareness for such an amazing organization! If you would like to find out more about this organization or make a donation, go to yellowhousechildrens.org today!

Posted in Blog on April 15th, 2013